Jon Swart

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Marlboro Man

Jon swart has been painting and creating one-of—a-kind oil paintings and mixed media works of art for over two decades. Not paying attention to the rules of traditional painting Swart has carved out a style of his own. His style is abstract, ancient yet modern. His work at times looks modern but contains primitive-looking forms that organically flow and seem to breathe.

Using soothing colors of oil pastel, Swart creates mesmerizing studies of sub conscience thought. Finding his home in his twenties in Seattle, tribal work has been one of his main focuses primarily focusing on animal totems and one-of-a-kind masks. Implementing his own ideas and use of silver,coppper and gold leaf making these pieces very unique. He feels most connected to the earth when painting primitive subject matter.

Pop art is also a big part of what he paints. Connecting him to pop culture bringing back fond memories to himself and his collectors. A very prolific painter, constantly challenging himself to grow and experiment with new ideas and techniques. His art has been featured in Seattle, Boston, Provincetown Ma., New York, Miami, Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico.