Tom Stilz

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The French Embassy to the United States

The American Embassy to France

His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

The Maryland Art Institute, Baltimore, MD

The DeMenil Foundation, Dallas, Texas

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Joseph Phelps Vineyard, Napa, California

Opus One, Napa, Oakville, California

Spottswoode Winery, St. Helena, California

Inniskillin Winery, Niagara, Canada

Beaulieu Vineyard, Napa, California

The Delaware Museum of Art, Wilmington, DE


American Crafts Museum, New York, NY

Neikrug Gallery, New York, NY

University of Delaware, Newark, DE

The Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, MD

Permanent Installation at The Johns Hopkins 

   Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Hanson Gallery, Carmel, CA

Atlas Galleries, Chicago, IL

Gallery Hawaii, Maui, HI

Ocean Galleries, Stone Harbor, NJ

Hanson Galleries, Carmel, CA

Village Gallery, Laguna, CA

Gallery One, Denver, CO

Kenneth Behm Galleries, Seattle, WA

Gallerie di Sorrento, Las Vegas, NV

C. Anthony Gallery, Beaver Creek, CO

Art Resources Gallery, Minneapolis, MD

Gemini Gallery, Naples, FL

Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD

Thornwood Gallery, Houston, TX

State-of-the-Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

Shaw Gallery, Naples, FL

Classic Art Galleries, Carmel and Palm Desert, CA  

Cosmopolitan Fine Arts, La Jolla, CA

Ocean Galleries, Stone Harbor, NJ

Tom Stiltz has been a full-time painter for the past 21 years.  His work has been exhibited in over

100 galleries  around the world.