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Black Panther, White Wings by Michael Parkes

Black Panther, White Wings - Sculpture by Michael Parkes



A r t i s t s G a l l e r i e s

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Last Lion art by Michael Parkes - Visit his Gallery Click Here

Artist Michael Parkes


Michael Parkes Sculptures

Todd White Without Demons and Doubts at Coast Gallery buy Art

Artist Todd White


Angel With Yarn - Coast Gallery Originals Page

Original Paintings by
Michael Parkes

Artist Eric Christensen

Eric Christensen

Todd White Originals Gallery

Original Paintings by
Todd White


Bungalow Six, Milky Way

Artist Tom Everhart


Show Dates and Events at Coast Galery Laguna Beach Art


About Our Shows
Our Artist Shows and Signing Events are
held generally on Saturday nights from
6-9 pm and Sunday afternoons from
1 to 4 pm. We invite to come and enjoy
a wonderful time with artists
you'll fall in love with.

These shows are just
too good to miss!


Join Us!

You can call us direct to find out about
upcoming shows or to RSVP by callling:


Or email our gallery at:

Sherry ONeill Gallery

Sherry O'Neill


Mario Jung Gallery

Artist Mario Jung


Artist Paige Bradley

Maya Eventov Art Gallery - Click Here

Artist Maya Eventov

Botti Gallery

Artist Giuseppe Botti

Sand Murphy Art Gallery

Artist Sandy Murphy

Eyvind Earle

Artist Eyvind Earle

Pieta from Michel Angelo Collection

Michelangelo Bronze Sculptures

Jaline Pol Gallery Coming Soon

Artist Jaline Pol
~ New Artist Gallery ~

Pino Art

Artist Pino

Gleb Goloubetski

Artist Gleb Goloubetski

Snowden Sculpture art A

Artist M. L. Snowden

Kathleed Keifer - Atop the Boardwalk

Artist Kathleen Keifer

Leon Roulette

Artist Leon Roulette

Great Sports Movies - Go To Gleadow Gallery

Artist John Mark Gleadow


Visit Dima Suljakov European Theme Art Gallery

Artist Dima Suljakov

Clifford Bailey Music Art Gallery

Artist Clifford Bailey

Stephen Holland Gallery

Artist Stephen Holland


Hessam Abrishami Passionate Whisper - Buy Art at Coast Gallery

Artist Hessam Abrishami

Thomas Arvid Wine Art

Artist Thomas Arvid

Michael Bryan Art

Artist Michael Bryan


Picolli, Pietro

Artist Pietro Picolli

Cheval Art

Cheval Art

Parkes Show and New Moon

Michael Parkes
Saturday Night
October 1st
6-9 pm

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Hessam Abrishami
Thomas Arvid
Clifford Bailey
Michael Bryan
Eyvind Earle
Tom Everhart
John Mark Gleadow
Gleb Goloubetski
Stephen Holland
Sandy Murphy

Sherry O'Neill
Pietro Piccoli
Daeni Pino

Jaline Pol
Leon Roulette
Dima Suljakov

Michael Parkes
Todd White
M. L. Snowden
Paige Bradley

Coast Gallery Laguna Beach
540 S. Coast Highway
Suite 100
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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